Here are just a few of our ideas for exploring the world. Contact us for more info or to plan travel your way!


Yup, you heard it right. Enough of this skating in small spaces! The world is opening up and there is nothing but smooth pavement ahead. Pack up those skates and take the show on the road. Beginners to superstar rollerskaters join together to explore, skate and have some fun! 

run away

Love running? Love travel? Why not combine the two for your most memorable vacation ever! The Athens Marathon followed by a week on the Greek islands or a run in Costa Rica with recovery time in the rainforest? Name your run and we’ll come up with a plan or two to travel your way. Groups and cheerleaders welcome!

small group travel

We work with all your favourite tour operators, have a few favourites of our own and connections with ones you may never have heard of. Like-minded travellers, a tour leader to take care of the details while in destination, sustainable practices and connections with the locals with the free time factor into the itineraries. The question now is why not group travel?

offbeat options

Dinner in a women’s prison served by inmates, dessert at a toilet-themed cafe or a night in an underwater hotel. Adding an unusual experience or two to your trip will make it extra memorable!