Best Places for Getting Back in the Saddle

The gauchos of South America are known for their horse riding skills and ability to work with cattle. Argentina and Uruguay are the heart of gaucho country. Tango your way through Buenos Aires, find your own answer to the question “Is it better to see Iguassu Falls from Argentina or Brazil?” and then embrace your inner cowboy for a day trip or a week long stay at a local ranch known as an estancia. October through April is the ideal time to head south.

The mere mention of Mongolia conjures images of wide open spaces, vast plains and nomadic people. The landscape combined with the fact that there are more horses in the country than there are people make Mongolia an ideal country to realize your horseback riding dreams.  Best time to go is from June to August.

Costa Rica is known for its incredible nature, biodiversity and national parks. This Central America jewel (emerald green, to be specific) offers travellers a wide range of outdoor activities like surfing, zip-lining, hiking and of, course, horseback riding! Saddle up for a ride along the Pacific coast beaches or meander through the cloud forests mountains. December to April is perfect for a trip to Costa Rica.

Where would you choose to ride? Post your comments below.

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