Travel, It’s Time to Fall In Love Again

I have always been an independent traveller, a backpacker who fell into the travel industry organically. I love street food and taking local buses.  My last international trip was to Thailand. Arriving in Bangkok I was faced with the option of taking a taxi or figuring out the local train system to get to the hotel. I chose the train. One missed stop, two connections and a train breakdown that caused a back-up resulting in a four train wait,  three and a half hours later I made it to the hotel; tired, hungry, over-dressed for the heat of Bangkok and entirely pleased with myself for opting  for public transport. enjoy the challenge of travel. 

 As a travel agent I have seen a different  side of the industry. The majority of agent bookings come from all-inclusive packages or cruise ships. My colleagues love them. Adventure travel has been my one love and my sole experience in the industry. Up until now I hadn’t realized what a niche market it is. 

Mexico is my first love when it comes to travel so I happily signed up for a Tourism Mexico event, secretly hoping that I might win one of the door prizes at the end. Then it happened, my name was the first one drawn! A three night stay with deluxe all-inclusive package at the Krystal Grande in Cancun.  

After years of travel, this will be my first all-inclusive experience. I am taking a friend whose only experience of Mexico was a week in Puerto Vallarta when she was 12 and we added on two more days. The hotel’s app is our road map, There is a pillow menu with 5 types to choose from, 6 restaurants, 4 pools and 4 bars. The package includes 24/7 room service, daily activities by the pool and nightly entertainment. Wednesday is Mariachi night, the Michael Jackson show is on Thursday.  Stay tuned, this will be an exploration of a different kind. 

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  1. Susan Edwards

    Have a wonderful time❤️🌹😎

  2. Kathryn

    This definitely does not sound like your kind of travel….but what a great opportunity to try something different.

    I really hope that you enjoy it!!!

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