Year of the …(Take it Easy) Tiger!

A recent post by my friend Jason Baker from Kensington Tours* said it so well.

“People are tired of being at home. … People are looking to get out and explore. They’ve saved their money during the pandemic. But now they want to make up for lost time.

STOP!!! Don’t make travel plans to travel for the sake of not being at home. Don’t cram 2-3 years lost into one year. Just because you have saved and have the money doesn’t make it a good idea. You’re creating unnecessary stress and anxiety on yourself by having too many plans. You will not enjoy the journey of travel if all you do is plan back-to-back trips.

IMPORTANT: The travel industry is very fragile right now and nearly all businesses will be understaffed this year because they simply don’t have the cash reserves to hire the needed staff to match the expected onslaught of travellers in 2022 or 2023.
Your travel experience will be different and patience will be needed at hotels or other travel related services. Don’t create unnecessary stress or anxiety on yourself if you don’t have to. You’re only creating or offloading that stress or anxiety on to employees who are already feeling the pressure of low staff.
Travel, but travel responsibly for yourself. Be smart and take it easy. Don’t do 5 long trips in 6 months, or 10 in a year.”

Kensington Tours is one of the many tour operators that I collaborate with as a travel advisor. They offer personalized, guided tours to over 90 countries so you can travel as slowly as you like. Contact me to learn more.

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