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Two Steps Forward to the New Year!

2021. People travelled to Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Peru. Gwen, the chihuahua, and her owner returned to Canada from Brazil after many travel delays.  I flew for the first time since 2019 and learned there is much more to Winnipeg than meets the eye. That is more that we can say for the majority of 2020. Let’s celebrate!

1.  As of 2021, there are now 77 countries in the world that have announced full or partial bans on plastic bags.

2.  The tequila fish was returned to Mexico and is now thriving in a natural environment after being declared extinct in 2003.

3.  Giant pandas were removed from the endangered species list. 

4.  United Airlines flew the first passenger flight, from Chicago to Washington, DC, using 100% sustainable fuel made from sugar water and corn.

5.  Scientists announced that there is “almost no evidence that cheese causes weight gain – in fact, there’s evidence that it’s neutral at worst.” 

Even with wonderful events like these it is exciting to close the door on 2021 and turn the page to the possibility and hope that a new year brings.  Welcome 2022!

What were your highlights of 2021? What’s on your wish list for 2022?

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