“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”    Sir Richard Burton

Latin America

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Latin America, it is no wonder we love it so much.  It is a continent of extremes. 

Bolivia is home to the highest lake in the world, Ecuador was the first country to grant constitutional rights to nature, Brazil is the world’s most biodiverse country and the Atacama Desert in Chile is one the driest places in the world. 

And we can’t forget Belize, the only country in Latin America with English as its official language, also a popular scuba diving destination; Guatemala, famous for the Mayan archaeological site of Tikal; Argentina for the tango as well steak and wine in the cultural capital of Buenos Aires. And, of course, Mexico, so much more than sun and sand. It is home to Tlachihualtepetl, the world’s largest pyramid. It is where chocolate, tequila and the cesar salad originated. Vamonos!

Polar regions

Not your typical travel destination but whether you choose to brave the Drake Passage on a ship to Antarctica or watch polar bears and walrus in the Arctic, the polar regions will capture your heart like no other place in the world. 

Travel to these regions offer the opportunity to see the planet as it was meant to be, truly untouched and magical. Antarctica  is life inside a snow globe: 24 hour daylight, penguin colonies amidst giant icebergs and a colour palette of brilliant white, blues and greens.

Follow in the footsteps of the original explorers while learning the fascinating history of the Arctic and its remote inhabitants. Take a polar plunge off the shore or ship. It is a journey that is worthy of the title “best trip ever!”

follow your heart

You know those surveys when they ask where do you want to travel next? Are you one of those people who fill in “everywhere”. Then this category is for you!

  • Watch the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Road trip and roller skate your way around California
  • Take a private jet to Bora Bora

Travel planning is a collaborative process and we work with you to find  the best options based on your budget, to-do lists and preferences.  

Travelling solo, with friends or as a group, you dream it, we’ll plan it. Connect with us for your next travel experience and let’s make it amazing together!

Machu Picchu


These are a just a few samples of what we have dreamed up. Any of these itineraries can be customized to fit your budget and time frame. We work with individuals or groups, small or large.  


trek & Yoga nepal

Looking for a reset and rejuvenation? Hike the Himalayans, embrace your inner yogi with yoga classes in mountain retreats and learn about Nepalese culture while staying with local families.

Thailand tuk tuk


This self-drive adventure in Northern Thailand is one of a kind. Start with tuk tuk driving lessons then head out as part of a convoy to explore the local life, culture of Thailand in a truly unique way.

Venice Beach